My speech to a group of United Nations diplomats and military dignitaries was a success — and for that, I want to thank my English teacher, Louise Egan. Louise helped edit my 30-minute presentation and also gave me many tips on giving my speech. We worked on, edited, and refined this speech for a few hours a week over several weeks. Louise’s professional and friendly manner, writing expertise, and knowledge of Portuguese, made all the difference for me. I recommend her highly! 

Colonel Carlos Ramires

Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United Nations New York

I very much liked working with Louise on my last big presentation. She helped me streamline my messaging, express myself with the right tone and rhythm, and last but not least, gave me the confidence to deliver a great speech!

Monica Biagiotti,

Executive Vice President Global Consumer Marketing and Sponsorships, Mastercard

I took lessons with Louise to improve my English speaking because after many years of not practicing, I needed a refresh on basics. Plus, I needed time to just talk so I could become more fluent. At first, we practiced grammar to straighten out my questions and then classes were composed of listening comprehension, plus speaking and reading about a huge variety of topics. It has really helped in my work and private life as well. We worked on my accent a lot too – so important if you want to be understood and also to understand native speakers. 

Alexandre Mouton, Project Manager

Société Générale

After five years in the US, I wanted to improve my pronunciation skills and I had the opportunity to work with Louise for few months. I am impressed by the progress I made thanks to her, and my colleagues noticed the difference from the first lesson! I highly recommend her!

Caroline Sitarz, Model Validation Team Manager

Société Générale

I came to New York on my summer vacation and worked on my English with Louise for 5 hours a day, for 6 days in a row. It was wonderful! I wanted to learn how to better express myself in speaking and writing. We had many conversations about New York, politics, American culture, and topics relating to my job. Those talks inspired two different articles, which Louise helped me compose; one of them is posted on LinkedIn. I learned so much! Louise really understood what my goals were and I felt that I accomplished all that I hoped for that week. Louise is not just an english teacher, she is a mentor, with her you dont just learn a language, you learn the american culture and way of thinking, your mind will be opened to really understand what it means to learn a language and go deep into that journey.

Tatiana Coviello, HR Director and Board Member


Louise helped me to learn basic knowledge about speaking and presentations; we practiced a lot and it has helped me apply that knowledge in routine work so I feel more confident in everyday communication with my colleagues. It has been extremely helpful in having a private a course so all of my questions could be answered immediately — and the interaction between us was really constructive in getting feedback or help with my accent and intonation.  

Xiaolin Zhang, Senior Financial Analyst

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

It was a great pleasure taking classes with Louise during this past year.  She was very friendly, flexible and attentive to my needs. She is an outstanding teacher, with very good interpersonal and intercultural skills. I highly recommend her.

François Penguilly

Consul General of France in Washington, D.C.

Working with Louise is like working with the best teacher you could imagine. Calm, positive and with much patience, Louise helped me a lot. She contributed massively to my progress in English (American), not only on the grammar but also on the accent and the vocabulary. It is sometimes difficult to learn at 40+ years old, but she gave me confidence and helped to progress, regularly. I appreciated the fact we worked on some real cases (press articles, business presentations, resume) to help me for real life. 

Pierre Liger - COO, Enterprise & Commercial


Working with Louise was one of the most productive choices I have ever made.

I’d been thinking of working on my English pronunciation for a while.

I finally made the commitment to doing it, even though I worried I wouldn’t have time; I first signed up for a couple of hours to give it a try.

After the first 3 hours, Louise had opened my eyes on some of my patterns that needed to be adjusted.

I was able to put her advice into practice at the very next meeting with my colleagues.

I wish I had know Louise before. She doesn’t just adjust the “I sink” to “I think.” She is great and understands the subtleties that we may not even be aware of.

Hadjira Hamdaoui, Director, Environmental & Social Advisory

Société Générale

Louise was the perfect English teacher to bring my English to the next level. I needed to improve my fluency and speak English more idiomatically. She helped me out providing constant feedback, reviewing just the grammar I needed and suggesting subtle changes in pronunciation that really made the difference. She is flexible with schedules and has many resources to cater each class to my requests, with magazines, articles, videos and lots of useful stuff. Above all, I really appreciate her commitment to my learning experience. 

Luis Nacarino, Director, Global Markets Business Process Engineering

BBVA New York

The lessons over the last year were very useful and helpful, I progressed on my English and also my knowledge about the US. Louise was very flexible, we could have some specific questions, or can also talk about any subject we want. So that makes the lessons fun and interesting, I can understand the country better. I recommend to everyone (I have already recompmended to the colleagues around me) who wants to improve his/her English, and also learn the american culture. 

Wenzhen Du, Vice President, Algorithmic Trading Developer

Société Générale

I would strongly recommend working with Louise, not only for the extreme quality of her work, but also for her qualities as a person. For the last three years, Louise has been editing my weekly and quarterly client research publications. Her input has been key in increasing the visibility of my team’s research to the market. Thanks to her work, my team’s market reports have been enhanced into attractive and professional marketing tools for our business. 

Laurent Key, Vice President

Société Générale

I took Louise’s class in the last 3 years. She was so friendly and excellent English language consultant. She taught me not only basic grammatical and speaking mistakes among Japanese English speakers but also gave me a confidence and verbal strategy in business English in various situations. Highly recommend Louise for any professionals who are not native English speakers and who want to polish her/his English skills.

Kei Ikenishi, Corporate Officer, Corporate Segment Division

AIG General Insurance