Delicious. Pronounced like: d’ LISH-us

Here is a word to practice the “D” sound. DELICIOUS is spelled in a way that looks like you might pronounce it “dee-lee-see-yoos” – but it’s actually pronounced ‘d’LISH-us.

• 1st syllable: d’
Make a quick “d-“ sound. The vowel reduced, or unstressed vowel sound, like the ‘a’ in “about.” (Do not say “DELicious.”)

• 2nd syllable: LISH.
LISH gets the stress. To say the ‘L,’ place your tongue on the roof of your mouth in the same place you put your tongue for ‘D.’

• 3rd syllable: and unstressed “us.”
Relax your tongue: lay it in your jaw and say “–us.”
There is a line from the song Be Our Guest in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast that goes, “Try the gray stuff – it’s D’LISH’us; don’t believe me, ask the dishes!”
So DELICIOUS and “the dishes” rhyme!

grey stuff



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