PRONUNCIATION PRACTICEEveryday words often mispronounced. I will say them as students say them and then repeat the word with the correct sound. Let me know if you have questions on the pronunciation in the comments below! ⬇️

Pretty = PRIh-di (rhymes with “city”)

Recipe = RESS-a-pi

Receipt = ruh-SEET (no “p” sound)

Tired = TAI-yrd

Analyze = AN-n’l-aize

Fool = foohl  (rhymes with “cool”) OR FUU-w’l

Food = fuud  (rhymes with “rude”)

Good = guhd (it’s the same “uh” as in “look”)

Good food = guhd fuud

October = ahk-TOH-b’r  (“toh” rhymes with “no”)

Not = NAHT  (the “o” in “not” is like the “a” in “father”)