English Pronunciation and Accent Modification for Non-Native English Speakers 

This class is for people who want to focus on modifying their native accent and learning correct English pronunciation. In private, online classes, learn the 15 vowel sounds and how to distinguish them. Learn proper positions of the tongue to produce the sounds of native speakers of American English. 

Students can learn American English rhythm and syllable stress, necessary for listening, comprehension, and speaking. 

Materials include a textbook to use as a guide; relevant articles from various media; and other methods customized for each student to train and motivate accent and pronunciation. 


After five years in the US, I wanted to improve my pronunciation skills and I had the opportunity to work with Louise for few months. I am impressed by the progress I made thanks to her, and my colleagues noticed the difference from the first lesson! I highly recommend her!

Caroline Sitarz

Model Validation Team Manager, Société Générale