Yesterday, her boss recommended (that) she read the document carefully.

This sentence is correct and shows another way to use “recommend.”

In that sentence, there are two verbs: recommend and read. The person recommending wants someone else to read something. The word “that” in between the two sides is optional but is often used for clarity.

Yesterday, her boss recommended (that) she read the document carefully.

The verb “read” is used in the subjunctive verb form. Native speakers of Latin languages use the subjunctive frequently, while English speakers do not. “Recommend” is one verb that sometimes requires it.

Correct usage of “recommend” with the subjunctive form:

  • My boss recommended (that) I apply for the job.
  • Her teacher recommends (that) Maria take the exam.
  • The doctor will recommend that his patient have an X-ray.

The verbs “apply,” “take,” and “have” are in the “base form” (run, play, jump, etc.) for every person and any verb tense.

Common mistakes with “recommend”:

“My boss recommended to him to apply for the job.”

“The teacher recommends Maria to take the exam.”

“The doctor recommends my mother stays in bed.”

Because few native English speakers understand the subjunctive, subjunctive alternatives are often used in speaking and writing and are considered correct.

For example:

  • The teacher recommends that Maria should take the exam. (add “should”)
  • The teacher recommends for Maria to take the exam. (add “for”)