Speaking and Writing for Executives

For Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Students of English

We offer:

• Discuss topics from a wide variety of sources, text and video.
• Learn Vocabulary, expressions, and idioms often heard in business
• Learn how to express ideas and opinions
• Learn how to make “small talk” – light conversation to establish rapport

Accent and Pronunciation
• Learn correct sounds to modify your accent
• Learn keys to better rhythm and intonation of English
• How to better understand native speakers of English
• Exercises to practice

Coaching for Presentations and Interviews
Learn how to …
• speak clearly before an audience, in a 1-1 meeting
• prepare for job interviews, recruiting interviews, and media interviews
• engage in conference calls with a group or one-on-one
• make a presentation that is clear, concise, and effective

I am German working in New York and Louise was crucial in supporting me to prepare a sales pitch with an important client. Louise fine-tuned my presentation — helping me choose the right words to present our company and the solution we designed. Thanks for your great help!


Sebastian Hindelang

Product Manager , Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas