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All courses are fully customized to what you’re looking to learn and how you like to learn. Conversation, books, movie clips, songs — and practice talking, talking, talking — are some of her methods for helping you improve. She can also tell you how American sounds  are made and where to place your tongue to make them.

All lessons are private (or occasionally small group) so the focus is on what you want to learn, practice, and know. If you don’t understand a verb tense, expression, or which prepositions to use when — we can help; need to write a presentation — we can help; need to prepare for an interview — we can help; want to talk about topics outside of work — sure!

You can choose to focus on a certain area or we can customize lessons to focus on various items:


General English Instruction


Business English

Pronunciation & Accent Modification


My speech to a group of United Nations diplomats and military dignitaries was a success — and for that, I want to thank my English teacher, Louise Egan. Louise helped edit my 30-minute presentation and also gave me many tips on giving my speech. We worked on, edited, and refined this speech for a few hours a week over several weeks. Louise’s professional and friendly manner, writing expertise, and knowledge of Portuguese, made all the difference for me. I recommend her highly! – Colonel Carlos Ramires, Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United Nations New York

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Take your mastery of the English language, pronunciation and grammar to the next level with classes that mix in songs, pop culture and conversation!