About SoHo Language Group

Louise Egan founded Soho Language Group in 2008 to teach foreign professionals and academic students who wanted to improve their English skills in private, customized classes.

Soho Language Group, which offers classes and coaching to meet every business need, has helped over 300 non-native speakers improve their English fluency and confidence.

Clients come from a variety of industries, including finance, international relations, retail, the federal government, hospitality, cosmetics, and technology.

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About Louise

Louise Egan is a language-loving English teacher, accent trainer, and business writer in New York City. She helps foreign professionals and students improve their English speaking and writing, feel more confident in speaking to colleagues and clients, and better understand the American world they live in. 

Louise has been teaching all aspects of English for more than 10 years and loves it. Languages were her best subjects in school, where she learned French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, and which she can still speak in varying degrees of fluency. She can also say some pleasantries in Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Indonesian, Haitian Creole and more … The more she can say in other languages, the more Louise can connect with the world around her — especially here, in New York City.


Working with Louise is like working with the best teacher you could imagine. Calm, positive and with much patience, Louise helped me a lot. She contributed massively to my progress in English (American), not only on the grammar but also on the accent and the vocabulary. It is sometimes difficult to learn at 40+ years old, but she gave me confidence and helped to progress, regularly. I appreciated the fact we worked on some real cases (press articles, business presentations, resume) to help me for real life. It is no longer the time to learn the perfect Oxford accent. The real world is different! – Pierre Liger, COO (Enterprise & Commercial) at IBM

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